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Boris Mitov

Marketing Consultant Expert
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“I take pride in helping each customer reach their goals and dreams.”

Boris Mitov

BM Multimedia Creations CEO

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    Do you have a good online presence?2021-09-06T20:11:41+00:00

    The time of the yellow pages is a long time gone and if you don’t have a good online presence your business simply doesn’t exist. Starting with a well-built website is essential, with clear messages and calls to action. Extending your presence with educational videos on YouTube, Facebook and other social media places is a must if you want to be in front of the eyes of your customers. We are here to help you build your online presence.

    Can your customers find the information they need on your website easily?2021-09-06T20:04:43+00:00

    Is your website user-friendly and well structured? It is crucial for the success of your business to structure and present the information on your website in an easy form. We can help you structure and organize the information your visitors need and make it easy for them to access it on any device with a few clicks.

    Does your website convert visitors into customers?2021-09-06T20:00:07+00:00

    If your website is not converting visitors into customers you need to do something about it right away! Luckily we are here to help and we can review your website and give you suggestions on what can be improved and implement it for you, so your website does its job.

    Do you struggle with online lead generation?2021-09-06T19:55:46+00:00

    If you struggle with online lead generation – we are here to help. We can optimize your website for high ranking in the search results on Google. Check out our Case studies. We can create a strategy for your social media marketing and run it for you if you’d like. We can also create paid ads for instant customer aquisition.

    Do you have a slow loading web site?2023-11-19T07:39:24+00:00

    BM Multimedia Creations has tried many different web hosting companies over the years but Siteground’s commitment to speed, uptime, reliability, proactive security, and scalability, has made it our number-one choice to recommend to our customers.

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